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Invest with the most reliable regulated Brokers

Investments designed for investors 

Investments designed for traders

Investments designed for beginners 


 Investments designed for Institutions

 Investments designed for  professionals

An avenue to alternative investments

Complete transparency 


Segregated accounts 

Complete access and in command of account  Managed accounts option 

Satisfaction with the manager’s performance

Invest in all markets  

Large variety of Financial derivatives

Capital Protection 

No restrictions on withdrawals


Immediate Trading Deactivation

Low-risk high-return

Capital growth whilst managing risks

Risk management as central to success


Overvue for 2019 Markets

Opportunities for FX investors? 

Discover Crypto and Crypto funds 

Algos- AI – Analytics-Real time News  

Benefits for Business owners

Launching a new Business

Meet potential business partners who will help you launch your new business from scratch  - Licensing - CRM platforms - Operation cost reduction - Seamless integration   

Upgrade your Exisiting business

Discover latest Fintech and ICT services and solutions to take your business to the next level- Customer Acquisition and management- Payment integration - Improve sales 

Become a business partner

A variety of business opportunities are available at the expo to become an affiliate or IB 

Unique meeting in One place

Meet our Sponsors , Exhibitors that are leading the way in the retail finance sector in addition to our Global Speakers

Attendees Title levels


Chief Executive Officer- Chief Financial Officer  - Chief Operations Officer - Chief Technology Officer - Chief Information Officer - Head of Compliance  - Head of Trading - Head of IT - Head of Investment  - Director - Managing Director  - Global Marketing manager - Investment Manager - Portfolio manager  - Head of Sales – Founder - Head of Tech & Delivery - Head of Business Development  - VP Corporate Development - Head of Client Management - Managing Partner - Head of MENA region - Head of Client Services & Sales - Advisor to the Chairman - Head of Product and Trading Infrastructure - Executive Director - Head of Back Office  - Corporate Action Officer - Head of Online Trading - VP Strategy & Portfolio Mgt. - Chief Strategy & Business Dev Officer - Marketing Specialist - SVP business development  - Head of FX Prime Brokerage  - Head of e-FX – Analyst – Consultant – Chairman - Sr. Institutional Sales  - Business Development Executive - Head of operations  - Head Forex & Digital Marketing - Institutional Sales Director - Senior VP- Partnership - Global Head of Sales - Managing partner - Managing Director - Liquidity Manager - Head of Trading and Ops - Relationship Director - PRODUCT STRATEGY - Senior Institutional Sales & Client Manager - Head of Operations - Account Executive - Products Officer  - Chief Commercial Officer  - Payment Systems Manager - Senior Solutions Consultant - Head of Integrated Trading platforms - Technical team leader - Head of SEO - PR and Campaigns Manager  - Senior Solutions Consultant  - Head of Account Management and Partnerships - Global Director of Digital Media - Head of Social Media  - Institutional Services Manager - Institutional Operations Manager - Head of Risk Management  - Head of software solutions - Director, Business Relationships & Solutions - Lead Developer - Group CMO - Head of Product Development - Head of Content - Content Manager - Creative Director - - Head of Technology – Partner - Owner